MartinCSI is an award-winning, engineering services company that provides complete systems and services for industry’s most critical operations.  We deliver productivity-enhancing programming and engineering services that bring complex manufacturing and process systems to life. Our client relationships are founded on honest and open communications; we never withhold project information or cover up issues. We abide by an uncommon level of integrity in all we do so that you won't worry about your projects or be embarrassed by our work. Our associates are degreed in engineering disciplines; they are not just technicians. We're analytical by nature and thorough by process. Our attention to detail leads to an enjoyable experience. 

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Affiliates A&E Engineering, Inc.
(Greenville, NC)

Columbus Controls, Inc.
(Columbus, OH)

Industrial Automation Consulting, Inc.
(Three Forks, MT)

Loman Control System
(Lititz, PA)

ViewPoint Systems
(Rochester, NY)